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OVERVIEW of this coming year

I’ve had a think about home ed for this coming year and found myself thinking along these lines for all your subjects.  I want you to have a think and

  1. see if you agree
  2. see if you would like to add things
  3. see if you want to take things away!

Please do spend some time on this as otherwise we will be pulling in different directions and that won’t work so well!

LATIN – Minimus course

ENGLISH – finish Catherine Mooney course, other writing using creative writing cards, competitions, go to more plays, expand choice of spoken word CDs (use while drawing) and reading

ASTRONOMY GCSE at Callington Space Centre

MATHS – carry on with KS3 Conquermaths

MUSIC – grade 5 theory

HISTORY -Research in to living as Tudors for Kentwell (clothes, music etc), history CDs.

I.T. – Raspberry Pi with Grandad and dad, scratch and python programming,

ART – Saturday club at Plymouth Art College

DRAWING – use art books together and Videos 3 or 4 times a week to build skill


PIANO – grade 5?  Working through jazz improvisation book

VIOLIN –  chamber music (duets etc) + Camerata, rhythm book, La Folia etc

SPORTS – fencing, tennis (do some competitions?), rowing?, swimming as a family, running with Joth, cycling trips



Some of this work has to be done regularly e.g. music practise, sport, art club, drawing practise but I’m wondering whether the rest could be done in blocks where you concentrate on certain things for a couple of weeks and do them every day.  For example, research on Tudors, writing lots of stories, jazz improvisation, programming on the Raspberry Pi etc- these could all be done in a “block” of time to allow you to get really in to it rather than trying to keep everything going at once.  What do you think?


I want to think of some different meals and I was hoping you might like to get involved.  I would love it if you and dad would choose a day each to cook a meal and then choose what you want to cook.  I will help you of course, as much as you want me to anyway!

This looked a good site for ideas but I’m open to cooking anything as long as it contains vegetables, it is likely to appeal to everyone and isn’t incredibly expensive!

Let me know what you want to cook as I’ll do an online shop tonight.

Bean Quesadillas

I love this, what about you?

The Sea Odyssey

It’s all happening here in Liverpool.

I love it when art is something that is out in the streets and something that makes you feel differently about the world, and makes you look at things differently.  In this case everyone and everything would look different in relation to this puppet.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a time of giants.  Now I want to see a dragon!!!

So, I managed to find something I liked happening in the news.  Many people think that the news is too biased towards negative things that are happening in the world.  There is a paper called that focuses on …  well, positive news.

Can you have a look at First News and see if you can find a story that interests you.  Are there any competitions in there at the moment?